This section reviews the present state of policing and interviews from community members on how the Minneapolis Police Department functions in people’s lives today.

Even the most helpful statistics fail to fully explain the harm and trauma that the police cause marginalized communities on a daily basis. Instead of trying to speak for the community, we’ve decided to let the community speak for itself. Over the last year and a half, MPD150 and community partners have interviewed hundreds of community members about their interactions with the Minneapolis Police Department. These interviews were done with two groups of people: those likely to come in contact with police via their profession – whether employed through Hennepin county, the city of Minneapolis, or nonprofit and grassroots organizations – and those likely to come in contact with the police due to their skin color, social, or economic status. We’ve included parts of these interviews below, and we invite you to read through them, remembering that there is a human story behind every single one.

For the sake of privacy and security, the names of interviewees and identifying information about employers have been changed or omitted.