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Community! In this past year, we’ve released the print and audio editions of the report, spoken on panels, listened to you about how you want our community to look, and have been preparing our upcoming exhibit, “Making It Real: Our History With Police and Our Future Without Them.”

Now, we are calling on you to support us with your hard-earned dollars. After two print runs of our report, “Enough is Enough: A 150 Year Performance Review of the Minneapolis Police Department,” it’s clear that folks are talking and thinking about abolition rather than reform. With the upcoming exhibit, workshops, and events at New Rules, we would like to be sure to have enough printed reports to hand around, and this is where you come in. Please donate, and share this link with your friends, family, and community. $5, $10, $20, $100– whatever you can give will help us toward our goal. We know that police abolition work is definitely NOT going to be funded by big $$$– it’s going to be funded by folks like us. Help us shift the conversation from police reform to meaningful structural change!

Other ways you can help: buy one of our t-shirts, host a friend-raiser (email for info on that), join us for our opening panel or closing conversation at New Rules in North Minneapolis, imagine your world with a community full of resources and an absence of police, and continue this conversation. Thank you!


MPD150 Fundraiser

byPeter VanKoughnett

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