MPD150: The Past, Present, and Future of the Minneapolis Police Department

2017 marks 150 years since the founding of the Minneapolis Police Department in 1867. This anniversary provides us a unique opportunity to carry out a community-based performance review of its fifteen decades of existence and decide, as a community, whether its contract should be extended. The verdict in the Castile/Yanez case provides the clearest argument possible for bringing the era of police dominance to a close, and MPD150 is a group of community members working to do just that.  Our goal is to shift the discussion of police violence in Minneapolis from one of procedural reforms to one of meaningful structural change. We will achieve this by presenting a practical pathway for the dismantling of the Minneapolis Police Department: the transference of its social service functions to community-based agencies and organizations, the replacement of its emergency intervention functions with non-paramilitary models, and the redirection of its resources in ways that support community resilience and people-directed development.

We are conducting a public performance review of the Minneapolis police, gathering information on people’s experiences with the police. We welcome your stories and perspectives.

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