Of course, this list is not exhaustive; but these are some great places to start if you’re looking to learn more about what a world without police might look like, and how we might get there.

The “Enough Is Enough” Report

This 150-year performance review of the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) is available for free online, as a printable PDF, and as a downloadable audiobook.

  • An expanded “remix” of the report is coming soon, featuring activities and discussion questions, poetry and visual art, an oral history of the project, and many more resources. Stay tuned.

“Building a Police-Free Future: Frequently-Asked Questions”

This is a short, powerful introduction to the concept of abolition, available as text, as a printable/foldable zine, and page-by-page at our Instagram.

Printable Posters from our “Making It Real” Exhibit

Some of the most powerful visuals from our exhibit available here.

“Ten Action Ideas for Building a Police-Free Future”

Available online and as a printable, two-page handout.

“On Community Policing: Whose Community?”

This is a brief history of the idea of “community policing” and exploration of the tactics currently being employed by police to control and subdue communities.

Minneapolis and Hennepin County Resources List

For when we need someone to call who isn’t the police. This resource sheet is a start, but is also a work-in-progress.

A Few External Resources:


Articles (Specific to the 2020 Uprising):

  • No More Money for the Police (New York Times)
  • The Only Solution Is to Defund the Police (The Nation)
  • The Police Don’t Change (Slate)
  • The answer to police violence is not ‘reform’. It’s defunding. Here’s why (The Guardian)
  • Defund the Police Now (The Appeal)
  • After four nights without police presence, neighborhoods protect themselves (Star Tribune)
  • ‘You Can Only Demean People So Much.’ Minneapolis Activists Aren’t Surprised a National Movement Started There (Time)

Articles (Minneapolis/Minnesota-Specific)

  • Police, incarceration don’t equal public safety (Star Tribune, December 2019)
  • Star Tribune Editorial : We must look beyond police for community safety (Star Tribune, March 2019)
  • Mpls. council moves to shift $1.1 million from police department (MPR, December 2018)
  • Minneapolis Police Department budget cut by $1M to fund public safety programs instead (City Pages, December 2018)
  • 31 community groups tell St. Paul leaders: Don’t hire more cops, focus on investing in youth and communities (Pioneer Press, July 2018)
  • St. Paul Mayor Carter rejects police chief’s call for 50 new cops (Pioneer Press, June 2018)
  • More Cops for Who? (TC Daily Planet, March 2018)
  • Activists and organizers reimagine modern day policing in Minneapolis (TC Daily Planet, July 2017)
  • An Official Narrative, Built on Sand (Question the Premise, April 2016)
  • Dominant Narratives, White Media, and Jamar Clark (Question the Premise, December 2015)
  • Police Brutality 101 Online Course (Communities United Against Police Brutality)

Articles (Perspectives on abolition):

  • Thinking about how to abolish prisons with Mariame Kaba: (Chris Hayes’ podcast & transcript)
  • Video: Why We Can and Should Abolish the Police and Prison-Industrial Complex (Films for Action)
  • What Abolitionists Do (Jacobin)
  • This Study Found That Major U.S. Cities Spend Millions More On Policing Than On Social Programs (Blavity)
  • We Don’t Just Need Nicer Cops. We Need Fewer Cops (The Nation)
  • Policing doesn’t need reforming. It needs to be abolished and created anew (The Washington Post)
  • The Myth of Liberal Policing (The New Inquiry)
  • Abolish the police? Organizers say it’s less crazy than it sounds (Chicago Reader)
  • Responses to Violence Must Move Beyond Policing (The Appeal)
  • Police “Reforms” You Should Always Oppose (Truthout)
  • How Can We Reconcile Prison Abolition With #MeToo? (Filter)
  • The Domestic Violence I Survived Taught Me the Importance of Prison Abolition (Transform Harm)
  • Surviving Rape as a Prison Abolitionist (Transform Harm)
  • BEYOND REPAIR: While Republicans & Democrats Unite to Increase Police Power, Others Point to New Way Forward (Ricardo Levins Morales)
  • Is Prison Necessary? Ruth Wilson Gilmore Might Change Your Mind (New York Times)
  • A Jailbreak of the Imagination: Seeing Prisons for What They Are and Demanding Transformation (TruthOut)

Further Reading and Tools for Abolitionists

MPD150 Zines & Printable Resources