MPD150 Report

The expanded “remix” of MPD150’s “Enough Is Enough: A 150-Year Performance Review of the Minneapolis Police Department” report is available now! The report has gone from 35 pages to 140, including the original history/community performance review of MPD, plus handouts, zines, comics, educator tools, poetry, an oral history of the project, and more; it’s meant to be a toolkit for people, both here in Minneapolis and beyond, to keep the abolitionist momentum going, and to keep building.

Download as PDF (compressed: smaller file, lower quality)

Download as PDF (uncompressed: larger file, higher quality)

Information for Ordering Physical Copies

If you’re in the Twin Cities area, the ordering page also has information on how to pick up copies in-person to avoid the shipping cost. There’s also a note for organizations looking to do bulk orders.

A few related resources:

  • The audiobook version of the report was created using the 2017 edition, so while the supplementary materials are absent, the report/history itself is there.
  • The timeline pieces referenced in the report with a (!) symbol can be found here.
  • Be sure to check out the companion curriculum for both both middle and high school students here, via Ed Lib MN!
  • The report PDFs should be searchable and highlightable, except for the comic book section. A text transcript of that section is available here.
  • You can still access the original overview, past, present, and future sections of the report directly from our site, but we encourage people to check out the PDF for the revised, complete edition, as those links may not yet reflect all of the edits/revisions that were made.

Finally, a note of thanks to all of the volunteers, researchers, writers, artists, designers, editors, activists, box-movers, friends, and allies who made this possible. MPD150 was, and is, very much a community effort. If you appreciate our work, we hope you will also get plugged in with Black Visions and Reclaim the Block here in Minneapolis, who are continuing that work.