New: “Enough Is Enough” Companion Curriculum via Ed Lib MN


Via Ed Lib MN:

In the summer after the murder of George Floyd and the beginning of the Minneapolis Uprising, a group of Twin Cities students and educators came together to create an accompanying curriculum to the MPD150 Report, a community-written history of the Minneapolis Police Department. We wrote this because it’s important to us, and wanted to make sure our school communities had some resources to teach this important work to contextualize and understand the long history bringing us to this moment. It’s not just a brief current event to mention and return to the previously scheduled programming. Where are we going now? Let’s go!

Thank you to all the teachers and students who put together this companion curriculum; it features content for both High School and Middle School English AND Social Studies classes.

Find the “Enough Is Enough” report here. If you’re an educator, please feel free to get in touch about bulk orders of the report: