MPD150 is no longer accepting donations at this time. Any that have already come in will be put to good use printing more copies of our report, completing the remaining work that we had set out to do before this moment, and supporting other organizations doing this work on the ground. Thank you for your generosity!

There are a number of organizations and collectives doing important work around police abolition, rebuilding community wealth, and supporting folks in our neighborhoods. As we move towards a future without police, we are moving towards a future where people’s needs will be met and necessary community run initiatives- education, mutual aid, housing security, food security, crisis response and transformative healing- are fully resourced. As you consider where to contribute with your dollars, we encourage you to radically reimagine what wealth redistribution can look like. Systemic and individual reparations will be paramount. This can take many forms.

Reframing donations as reparations and mutual-aid shifts not only our own thinking but the dynamics behind receiving money. Reparations, of course, are owed to the black community for generations of stolen labor and broken promises of wealth, and to indigenous peoples for generations of colonialism, genocide, and broken treaties. True mutual aid comes with no strings, no judgement and no expectations. This includes the exchange of money for stories about hardship and any expectation of public acknowledgment or gratitude.

If a direct immediate need of a neighbor or community member does not come to mind, here is a list of some local organizations and initiatives put together by Reclaim the Block to consider donating to.

If you want to support our work, we just ask you read and share the report + other resources at Thanks!