Get Involved

We hold general meetings every two weeks to check in with working groups, introduce new members to the group, and talk about overall group direction. We organize into semi-autonomous working groups in order to carry out tasks approved by the core and larger group.

A black-and-white picture of hands from two different people. One hand is passing the MPD150 zine to the other.
Photographer: Tony Gao

Communications and Messaging

The communications team works on messaging MPD150’s work to the public including working to create a social media presence and strategy, creating flyers, and may assist in tasks like writing press releases, etc. Communications may create some content, but mostly focuses on using existing content.


The interview team is conducting interviews with community members in order to continue to contribute to a community narrative about the current state of police, to discover what services the police provide and the nuances of what is their work is like, to have a solid grounding in community perception of policing from those that interact with police regularly, to vision together about what their professions/experiences would look like at this very moment  if police no longer existed, and to plant the seeds of the idea that police are not necessary.

Research and Alternatives

The research team at MPD150 is focused on learning about the history of the police, as well as investigating potential alternatives for the future. Though we’re primarily focusing on the Minneapolis Police Department, we’re also looking at police and police abolition movements worldwide. We’re looking for volunteers who are detail-oriented and curious!


Art can unchain the imagination to envision a better tomorrow. Art can speak suppressed truths that the spirit recognizes are true. Art can remind the heart of the oppressed that we are not alone. The goal of MPD150 is to transform how people think about and talk about the past, the present and the (non) future of the police. We hope to inspire creative artistic expression of all kinds to help open a pathway in our people’s minds toward the police-free future which is the only viable future.


The fundraising team raises money for MPD150 in order to pursue a police-free world. Funds go towards creating our police abolition tool kit, paying organizational expenses (printing, space rental, etc), and launching art initiatives.

What’s in the works: an online fundraising campaign, a t-shirt campaign, a pop-up donut sale, and house parties with live music.


The website working group works to develop the website in consultation with the rest of the group.  We are looking for developers, non-coding people who want to help manage the site, designers, and content writers.  We also work on miscellaneous technology needs to support the work of the other teams.

What working group would you like to get involved in?