Making It Real Exhibit

Making It Real: Our History with Police and Our Future Without Them

This fall, Minneapolis collective MPD150 presents “Making It Real: Our History with Police and Our Future Without Them,” an art exhibit exploring the power and possibility of a police-free community, featuring new work from Jacob Yeates, Sishir Bommakanti, Aja Marie Ussrey, Ali, and an Anonymous Artist. Organized into “past,” “present,” and “future” sections, the exhibit follows the narrative arc of MPD150’s 2017 report— a community-led performance review of the Minneapolis Police Department on the 150th anniversary of its founding. The exhibit aims to continue that culture-shifting work through art. In order to build the world in which we want to live, we have to be able to see it first. We know that the status quo is not working. We know that reform efforts are not enough. We know that safe and healthy communities without police are possible. Art is one step toward making it real. RSVP On Facebook today!


OPENING EVENT October 5: Performances and Panel Discussion (featuring Devika Ghai, D.A. Bullock, Roxxanne O’Brien, and moderator Juliana Hu Pegues) End of night DJed by Michel.Be; 6pm doors, 7pm panel, 8:30pm tours and music! SPOKEN WORD EVENT October 17: In the Future There Are No Sirens (Open Mic), 7-9pm. CLOSING EVENT October 21: Community Discussion and Resource Sharing, 1-5pm. GENERAL HOURS: Monday – Thursday, 11-7pm.

Sponsors & Acknowledgements

This exhibit is brought to you with the generous support of many organizations and individuals. We would like to thank New Rules for providing space for our presentations and events, Smart Set for providing printing services, and the Headwaters Foundation for Justice for providing the initial funding to continue our work into this exhibit. Listed below are the sponsors that donated directly to the efforts of this exhibit. We have left blank space where folks have chosen to remain unnamed. Partners Dan Menssen RLM Art Studio Voices for Racial Justice Supporters Alisa Hoven Ash Wirth Beth Derenne Big River Web Design Bully Creative Shop Caspian Wirth-Petrik Charlie and Wendy Griak Dulceria Bakery E. Ornelas Ethan O’Brien For Us BIPOC FTW Collective Jarrod Julius Jason Sole Kaleo Center for Faith, Justice, and Social Transformation Living Proof Print Collective Macalester Plymouth Mission & Social Justice Committee Minneapolis Catholic Worker Network for Politicized Adoptees Nikki Fleck Nutrition Poetry Asylum Sai Chang Sassafras Healing Arts Teri Parsley Strarnes & Jennifer Byers Zoë Bird _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ New Rules is a 4,000 sqft communal marketplace located in North Minneapolis, combining co-working, retail, and event space.