Beyond Police: An Abolitionist Resource Kit

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Since the release of MPD150’s 2017 “Enough Is Enough” report, we’ve seen a real shift in how our community, politicians, and media talk about police and policing. We’re having deep conversations about what it might mean to invest less in punishment and more in prevention. Groups like Reclaim the Block and Parks and Power have taken this narrative and run with it, continuing the work of activists and neighbors throughout the years who have advocated for a community-first approach to a safe and healthy Minneapolis.

MPD150 was never meant to be a permanent organization, just a collective of Minneapolis neighbors trying to tell a different story. We can’t take credit for the whole story; our families, friends, and neighbors who have been harmed by police violence, and by the drain on resources that police budgets represent, have been telling it for years. The “Enough Is Enough” report is a bullhorn, a response to a call, and another step on a journey toward a Minneapolis that truly values justice, not just authority.

Now, we’re asking you to amplify that story. 

Help MPD150 raise $6000 between October 18 and November 18 (the two-year anniversary of the “Enough Is Enough” Report!) to accomplish the following goals:

  • Print 1000 copies of our new, expanded REMIX of the “Enough Is Enough” Report featuring the original community-driven overview of the history of the Minneapolis Police Department, analysis of its shortcomings, and vision for a police-free Minneapolis, PLUS new commentary, resources, artwork, and toolkits for people looking to do similar work in their communities! 
  • Distribute the new report in as many libraries, schools, and other spaces as possible. We also want to make it available to organizers and organizations wherever they’re based.
  • Pay the visual artists, storytellers, and designers who will make our last few months beautiful.

Thank you for your support. Let’s keep building, keep planting seeds, and keep fighting for the world in which we want to live.

Beyond Police: An Abolitionist Resource Kit

byPeter VanKoughnett

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