MPD150 Report

The expanded “remix” of MPD150’s “Enough Is Enough: A 150-Year Performance Review of the Minneapolis Police Department” report is available now! The report has gone from 35 pages to 140, including the original history/community performance review of MPD, plus handouts, zines, comics, educator tools, poetry, an oral history of the project, and more; it’s meant to be a toolkit for people, both here in Minneapolis and beyond, to keep the abolitionist momentum going, and to keep building.

Download as PDF (compressed: smaller file, lower quality)

Download as PDF (uncompressed: larger file, higher quality)


“Enough Is Enough” is also available as a beautiful, magazine-style booklet, which is also free. While MPD150 is sunsetting as an collective and won’t have the capacity to mail individual copies out, there are still options to get it:


Finally, a note of thanks to all of the volunteers, researchers, writers, artists, designers, editors, activists, box-movers, friends, and allies who made this possible. MPD150 was very much a community effort, and while MPD150 itself has sunset, the work goes on.