MPD150 is a community-based initiative challenging the narrative that police exist to protect and serve.

MPD150 is a participatory, horizontally-organized effort by local organizers, researchers, artists, and activists to shift the discussion around police and policing in Minneapolis from one of procedural reforms to one of meaningful structural change. It is not the project of any organization. We stand on the shoulders of the work that many organizations have been doing for years, and welcome the support of everyone who agrees with our approach. We hope that the process we are developing will help organizers in other cities establish practical abolitionist strategies.

MPD150 sunset in 2022. Click here for a few reflections.


MPD150’s Projects:


  1. The purpose of MPD150 is to change the story of policing in Minneapolis in order to set in motion a process for dissolving the Minneapolis Police Department.
  2. MPD150 respects that ours is one effort and one approach among many.
  3. MPD150 uses research, community dialogue, creative visioning, and cultural activism, and encourages widespread community engagement and initiative.
  4. MPD150 employs proactive activism, seeking to move beyond reaction. We avoid entrapment in forms of action that undermine our strategy.
  5. We oppose any state repression of dissent, including surveillance, infiltration, disruption, and violence against activists or community members.