MPD150 Performance Review: Enough is Enough

MPD150 is an independent community-based initiative to evaluate the first 150 years of the Minneapolis Police Department. Through historical investigation, interviews and research into viable alternatives we have produced a performance review that examines the department's past – its track record since 1867 including the failure of reform efforts; its present – its current practices and impact on community life; and the future – the necessity of dismantling its overbearing political and paramilitary power and the transfer of its resources into alternative models of community safety, well-being and resilience.


New York Times: ‘Testilying’ by Police: A Stubborn Problem New York Times: ‘Testilying’ by Police: A Stubborn Problem

Police lying persists, even amid an explosion of videoevidence that has allowed the public to test officers’ credibility. Read the article %5B...%5D


Get Involved Get Involved

Get involved! Want to help MPD150 continue to build towards a vision of a police-free future? There are many ways to get involved with MPD150. Some projects in the works: a police abolition museum exhibit, developing new workshops based on our report, a public mural storybook project, and publishing a second round of reports.

MPD150 Museum Exhibition MPD150 Museum Exhibition

We recently received a grant from Headwaters Foundation for Justice to develop a museum exhibition advocating alternatives to policing in 2018.